India flights booked!

Credit card arrived and flights are booked!!!  I know I sounded like a complete blonde in my last post by knowing pretty much nothing about the benefits of paying by credit card, but in my defense, I have never had one and have lived the majority of my life in a country where everything was paid for in cash 🙂  Soooo, for people as ignorant as me –

Paying by credit card can give you valuable legal protection if the company you’re buying from goes bust or doesn’t deliver what it’s promised, and you may be able to claim a refund from the credit card company.

Problems that are covered

  • The company has failed to supply the goods or have supplied goods that are not up to standard, or
  • The company must have misrepresented what it is supplying or selling; for example, a software supplier that says a software package you’re buying will work with a particular computer when it doesn’t.

Now I know.  There are also perks that you get from your particular bank when paying for things by credit card (eg. discounts on hotel bookings).  I am not overly impressed by those offered by my bank, so perhaps should have shopped around.  However, in my “full of cold and sore throat” state, I figured that going with my current back was easiest and I just wanted to get the flights booked.  Prices go up every day (yes, the flight I looked at yesterday had gone up by £60 so I’m staying a day extra in India, yay!).  I can never sleep on planes, so I’m very excited to have a day flight back.  I’m hoping it’ll help with the jet lag as well!

Now I’m back on Pinterest and Google with renewed purpose – searching for tips on preventing Delhi belly.  My itinerary is pretty tightly packed for the first two weeks so I’d hate to get ill and miss something.  I have planned a few days in Dehli to start with (and I’ll be there for Diwali!!) so hopefully if I’m going to get sick it happens there and not on a bus or train.  I have to accept that it’s highly likely I will get sick, whilst at the same time taking every precaution not to.  A bit of a life metaphor I guess 🙂  So the plan of action is before I leave:

  • Start making and eating Indian food with herbs that are believed to have medicinal properties.  I just been reading about asafoetida, which I’ve never heard of before but is apparently very good for the digestion.
  • Eat live yoghurt and take pre-and probiotics
  • Get Dukoral vaccine for cholera and diarrhea
  • Take Pepto Bismol (which apparently turns your tongue black, sounds fun!)
  • Buy hand sanitizer and hand wipes
  • Buy water purifying tablets and a water bottle with filter
  • Buy rehydration salts and imodium
  • Ask doctor for a short course of anti biotics (not feeling hopeful on this one)

Oh, and some melatonin to prevent jet lag and mozzie repellent so I don’t get malaria!

Anything I’ve missed?  Probably….


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