The early stages of planning

I like lists, and planning.  Call me crazy, but I think half the fun of going somewhere or doing something is in the planning.  I will only be travelling later in the year, but by starting now I have a whole 9 months of excitement before I even step onto a plane!!  I’ll be running (walking?!) the Berlin marathon in September, but my first big trip will be to India sometime in October.  I usually plan the first few days of travel down to the last detail, then go with the flow as I get to know the country and meet other travelers.  This time, however, as a single female, the plan for this journey is to have everything booked before I arrive, so I can see and do everything I want with as little stress as possible.

India has been on my travel bucket list for as long as I can remember.  More recently I decided to complete a yoga teacher training course there.  As this has become the main focus of my trip, and it will only be my second time travelling alone, I have decided to keep it really simple.  I have contacted a local travel agency (India Someday), which I came across in another blog, and I’m hoping they will come up with a budget friendly, relaxed itinerary for me for 2 weeks to a month focusing on northern India (Rajasthan).  This means that all my accommodation and travel are booked in advance, I don’t miss out on anything, but most important, I have a contact in India in case anything goes wrong.   I will get to experience Delhi, Jaipur and the Taj Mahal and then I can easily get to Rikishesh where the yoga ashram is.


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